Tuesday, January 29

More little steps...

Tonight we rang home to Ong Ba Noi's place... Phan put the laptop on the floor and angled the webcam so that they could see Beth standing up by herself and taking a few steps... she was pulling herself to standing quite easily... and then taking a couple of steps at a time between me and Phan... often with a bit of enticement (eg, her new shoes... the box her new shoes came in... a plastic tupperware box... anything really). She really was working hard, 'cos by the end of it all her head was sweating a lot... so much that after we had hung up on Ong Ba Noi, I was flattening her hair and she had sweated so much her hair was drenched and she looked like she had just got out of the shower! Despite, being tired and sweaty, Beth persisted in continuing to stand and take a few steps and at one point managed 6 little steps towards me before tumbling onto her bottom... Such huge progress... She is definitely over the roseola now ... back to being her good natured self and not as tired as she has been... so I'll be trying to encourage her to walk more now that she's not sick... I was reluctant to push her whilst she was sick, because she was so tired and so grumpy!

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