Saturday, January 19

Settling in...

Well, we are beginning to settle in nicely in our new home in this new city. Beth has adapted quite well... didn't really seem to miss the fact that there aren't lots of people around to shower attention on her... in fact, she really seemed quite pleased to be reunited with all her toys... she has been having a lot of fun setting off the various noises/songs/music that her toys make... often several at the same time! However, last night when we rang home to Ong Ba Noi and she saw them and Chu Phi and Phong, she did look a little bit sad and she was giving virtual kisses to Ong Ba Noi... so she definitely still remembers everyone!

On Thursday night (the first night we got here), Beth was sooo tired from being awake for 6 hours straight that she fell asleep whilst having her milk drink... and was dead to the world that I couldn't even pry her mouth open to put the dummy in! She slept soundly until about 1:30am... and this was when the fun and games started... she woke up... and was *wide awake*... I think she knew she was in a different/unfamiliar place 'cos she kept looking around and staring at the ceiling fan... I ended up patting her/picking her up and rocking her/lying down with her and patting her for about an hour... and then I gave up... put her down in her cot, let her cry it out and tire herself out for 10 minutes before going back and patting her to sleep (fell asleep around 3am)... and then she slept all the way until 6:20am... Not a bad effort for her first night... especially considering the time difference and all. Me, however... I woke up at 5am due to the sun rising (we have really crappy curtains that let in all the light in our bedroom... Beth's bedroom does too, but I have hung a big dark brown quilt cover over the window which blocks out the light... that will be a permanent fixture for now I think)... and then all the noisy "wild life" (birds, insects... god knows what other creatures!) starting making a racket... so it was pretty hard to sleep!

Yesterday, I spent trying to do a little bit of organising/tidying... sorting out car insurance... playing with Beth a bit... Our major highlight of the day was heading out to shops (I drove on Brisbane roads for the first time - not as scary as I thought it would be)... we made our way out to the Coles nearby and picked up some basic essentials and some things for dinner for the next few nights. Beth was great... very talkative during the whole trip... and in fact helped me pick potatoes from the vegetable rack thing and put/drop them into a plastic bag... very cute ... she is becoming more and more interactive all the time. After that, we ducked home, put away groceries, I grabbed a bite of lunch and then we went and scoped out a local green grocer/butcher/gourmet deli food place... really nice, good quality fruit... a little on the expensive side, but worth it for the fruit (I picked up some watermelon and mango... and they are yum!) and if I ever want to make something a little bit fancy... nice to have a "foodie" type place so close by.

After that little bit of exploring, came home again... Beth was knackered after all that exploring and cracked a fruitti ... so I put her down for her nap at 2:30pm... and then I grabbed a quick nap on the couch too ... we both woke up and I made a bolognaise (boosted with some carrot and zucchini for Beth) with Beth helping me (I have her mushrooms to play with, then I asked her to get them and bring them to me and she did... :))

As of lunchtime today, the downstairs area of our townhouse has pretty much been organised... just need to do the clothes in our bedroom and organise the 3rd bedroom.
Heading out to Bunnings after lunch to pick up some bits and pieces that we need, so that should be productive.

Be back later with another update today if I don't get too carried away with unpacking/organising the house... :)

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