Tuesday, January 29

DFO is a very bad, bad place...

For those of you that have never been, DFO (Direct Factory Outlet), is (as the name suggests) a factory outlet where you can get a lot of bargains... It is a place full of temptation... It doesn't help that it's only a 20min drive from our place!

I had to go back there today to exchange some shoes which were too small that I had bought from Pumpkin Patch on Sunday ... And Sharon had to go and buy a new non-stick pan to cook pancakes in... So we arranged to meet up there... Emily had a sleep in a car, so while Sharon waited for Em to wake up, I exchanged the shoes... and managed to resist the temptation of buying any more clothes for Beth from there (even though, there were *lots* of clothes I could have got her... and they were all about 50% off too)... Then I bought 2 cheap $10 tops for myself from Portmans (just stuff to wear around the house) and browsed a few stores... and in the process, managed to lose one of Beth's pink sandals that she was wearing... she was kicking around frantically a lot, especially when I was trying on tops, so I should have known it was bound to fall off... will have to keep a closer eye on her shoes from now on to prevent further losses.

Em woke up about 1:30pm, met up with them and we browsed around a little (also back tracking in search of the lost shoe, to no avail)... We looked in Cotton On Kids... amd I bought Beth a little pink polo (good for wearing on sunny days to protect her from the sun) and a headband ($7.50 and $3 respectively)... and Sharon grabbed a bargain getting her some tops and a skirt all for $12.95 and then we stopped and had a coffee break... I had a mocha and a shorbread biscuit... well actually, Beth ate all of the shortbread biscuit herself... and Em shared some dried mango with her (which Beth loved) Em also had a babycino... it such a novelty... I'm thinking I should start ordering Beth babycinos, because she really wanted to drink my mocha! Then Sharon got some hot chips for Em to eat, which Em shared with Beth... it was so cute... Em would keep walking up to Beth (who was sitting in her stroller) and give Beth chips and Beth would gratefully receive them and scoff them down... it was adorable seeing Em sharing with Beth (Em is also going through an anti-sharing phase, so it was real progress seeing her share with Beth)!
Last stop was a sports store, which would have been the last shop I would have visited, but they had the BEST kids shoes... and I got suckered in and bought Beth another pair of adorable white sandals... (to replace the pink ones that we lost of course.. :p))... they were only $15... down from $30... so I was happy with that bargain! :)

And then we called it a day... left around 3:40pm and Beth fell asleep in the car about 5 minutes from home... but immediately went into a deep sleep, 'cos I managed to transfer her from car to her bed without her waking up! That's amazing!

I have to say, I'm enjoying hanging out with Sharon and Em... and Beth has really become sociable and loves their company... even though we've only seen them a couple of times, she perks up when she sees them... She was dropping her water bottle a lot at one point at DFO and Em kept picking it up and giving it back to her... Beth thought it was a game...

It's also been really weird weather... it poured down with rain at some points of the day, but it's still steamy and hot... not cool at all... so it's just super humid!

I'm just making dinner now (salmon patties) while I wait for Beth to wake up... I think I might have to go in and wake her up soon otherwise she won't sleep tonight!

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