Wednesday, January 23

Poor Sick Little Trooper...

Beth came down with a fever yesterday, which is still hanging around today, so I took her to the GP (Phan's boss's wife actually) in a suburb called "Camp Hill" (HA! Yes - I laughed too when I heard the name of the suburb...) and had her checked out. Her temperature was 39 degrees! The GP suspected either roseola (which is a harmless rash thing... rash presents 48-72 hours after the fever breaks) or possibly a UTI... for which I have to collect a urine sample using this weirdo bag thing with adhesive sticky stuff to attach it... The first one didn't work (came unstuck), so I will give it another go in the morning.

Surprisingly, despite her high temperature, she is in a reasonably good mood... she woke up at 1am really feverish... and after Phan and I dosed her up with some panadol and then gave her a drink she started smiling and grinning at Phan... funny girl. And this morning she has still been doing her normal tricks (her latest trick involves asking her where the fan is and she points and looks up at the ceiling where the fan is... she is a little smartie...) and standing and crawling around... although she does stop and have a little rest more often.

We are having one of those days though... because on top of this fever, I have semi-sprained my left ankle (I think it's from not being used to climb the stairs whilst I carry Beth... because I carry Beth on my left side, my left leg takes a lot of the weight)... so I am semi-hobbling around and it has started to swell up a bit... a mild inconvenience that is annoying.

And this morning, Beth also did a huge poo which leaked from her nappy and onto Phan (who picked her up not realising)... so Phan had to change into another set of work clothes whilst I cleaned poo off the floor, carpet, rug and lounge (don't ask me how it managed to get onto all those places when all she did was move from A to B!)

So... yeah well... that's been our very unexciting day full of little annoyances.
Hopefully the fever breaks soon... I don't like seeing Beth sick...

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