Sunday, January 27

Damn these possums are noisy...

Seriously... these little critters make noises all the time... mostly in the early hours of the morning when you're trying to sleep... often scampering on the roof in the afternoon when you're trying to have a nap... and then squealing and making weird clicking noises in the evening when they are bored or running away from a cat.
It is so weird! The other night I saw one running along a powerline at the front of the house!

Beth is gradually on the mend... the rash is fading... less obvious on her face and body now... and she has been in a better mood... although she seems to get tired much earlier... I wonder if it's a combination of being sick and also the heat that wears her out... all she has to do is wriggle and move around like she normally does (non stop!) and she breaks out in a sweat!

Today we visited DFO near the airport... spent 2 hours there and Beth was in a good mood most of the time... it was quite productive... we all got some clothes... Got Beth a cute outfit from pumpkin patch and some hats (bargain prices - all half price!) and we bought Phan 2 pairs of shoes (all of his are falling apart) and a pair of sandals and some shorts. I got some shorts and a pair of sandals... I have decided my wardrobe is totally inappropriate for this weather... I really need more shorts and loose tshirts to keep cool in this heat!

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