Friday, October 1

Outtakes - She Has Her Daddy's Eyes (And His Eyebrows)

She Has Her Daddy's Eyes... (And His Eyebrows)

Well... as a result of the photo-a-day last month, I have a tonne of outtakes, so I thought I may as well share some of them... so here's the first of many...

Also, in other updates... took Catherine to have her 4 month needles last Tuesday... she's a pretty tough little trooper... it didn't seem to really affect her mood at all (in fact, she was actually super happy and smiley that afternoon and in the subsequent days)... All she had was a very slight fever which I dosed her with one lot of panadol and she was fine after that. I remember Elizabeth being a mega grump and very unsettled after her 4 month needles... so I'm glad that didn't happen this time around.

Also, Catherine's starting to move a bit... She can spin 360 degrees on her back... Last night at 3am, she decided it was an appropriate to time to play... and stayed up for an hour... I just left her in the cot for 30 minutes and when she started making too much noise, I went to get her and she had spun 180 degrees in the cot... was quite amusing actually... too bad it was such an early hour of the day... She made up for it this afternoon though, 'cos she had a 2 hour nap (with a 15 min resettle in the middle) and I managed a nice 1.5 hour nap to compensate... ahh....

On the whole, Catherine is quite a smiley, happy, *talkative* baby... she really tries to talk to us all the time... I don't remember Elizabeth talking this much... so I'm bracing myself that Catherine is going to be talking our ear off when she's older!

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