Monday, October 18

Seven Years Flies When You're Having Fun...


Today is our wedding anniversary... seven years already of married happiness... and we still remain as commited to each other today as we were on that day seven years ago when we said "I do"...

Phan took a day off work today (he'd worked all weekend)... He worked from home in the morning and then we all went out for a fancy lunch as a family to Brett's Wharf...

And *WOW*... what a meal... We had probably the best seafood meal we've ever had - amazingly delicious... There was a view of the water and we had several pelicans sitting right outside our window which Elizabeth loved watching... And also the City Cat service went past quite often, which Elizabeth enjoyed pointing out everytime they went past. The service was impeccable and considering the high brow nature of the restaurant, it was surprisingly very child friendly - the waitress brought out colouring in pages and crayons to amuse Elizabeth and there was a kid's menu (main, drink and dessert) that cost $1 for every year of age of the child... so it was supposed to cost $3 for Elizabeth... We didn't realise until we'd left the restaurant, but they didn't end up charging us at all for Elizabeth's meal, and considering the quality of her meal, that was incredibly generous!!! (We did leave a tip, but would have tipped more had we realised they'd given us her meal free!!!) The girls were both exceptionally behaved too and we were able to enjoy our meal at a leisurely pace...

The photos above were taken on my iphone using the hipstamatic app that I'm currently obsessed with (and that top left photo of me, Phan and Catherine was taken by Elizabeth - she's pretty good huh?!?!)... but we also took my G10... so for the foodies amongst us here are some proper pics of what we had -


Elizabeth had calamari with chips... OMG, I had a taste and it was the best calamari ever... so tender... Elizabeth ate 3/4 of the calamari too.. she loved it!




We ordered the seafood plate and a half dozen oyster's kilpatrick to share. The top photo is the seafood plate and it's exact description was -

seafood plate - mooloolaba prawns, natural oyster, salmon brandade, char grilled squid chorizo and capsicum, western australian lobster and avocado cocktail, beer battered fish, tartare sauce, grilled tiger prawn, seared scallop and haert of palm salad, french fries, aioli.

The second photo is what my plate looked like when I loaded it up... :)

The third photo was a winter salad we ordered... it was presented beautifully with some lavender and had the best sourdough croutons!



For dessert, Phan had the caramelised white chocolate cheesecake, winter fruits, phillis clark's lost bread and I had the sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, arabic praline... It's also worth mentioning there was thin piping of salted caramel on my dessert too, it just added a delightful salty contrast to the sweetness of the pudding and the caramel sauce... I didn't take a photo, but Elizabeth got two scoops of vanilla icecream (proper vanilla icecream too, with vanilla bean through it!) with chocolate topping and sprinkles... she was in heaven!

And a couple more general pics from lunch...


Elizabeth making Catherine laugh ...


And a family photo taken by our very attentive waitress, Janna.

A beautiful afternoon out... and a very memorable way to celebrate our anniversary...

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