Monday, October 11

Daddy You're Home... No More Sleeps!

Well you may have noticed a distinct lack of activity from me on the blog and on Facebook... Phan was off at a conference in Melbourne for a few days last week and then had to stop in Sydney for a friend's wedding on Sunday... so for the first time I was on my own with both the girls ... it was a daunting task to begin with, but I ended up managing okay... There was only one really tiring 24 hour period I had to deal with, but on the whole, the girls were well behaved and Elizabeth was so understanding of the fact that Phan had to go away for a few days... We explained he had to go away for work and told her it would be 5 sleeps 'til Daddy came home... So every morning she would wake up and ask me "How many sleeps 'til Daddy comes home?" and we would count down the days...

Phan left early on Wednesday morning at 6am... Unfortunately, Phan and I were both awakened by Elizabeth at 5am... she was having a coughing fit and was crying 'cos she'd thrown up some water that she had drunk... and overnight she had developed a fever... Got some Dymadon into her (she's so much better with taking medicine these days... when she was little she used to gag and cry and resist so badly.... but she doesn't gag or resist at all anymore... she knows it helps to make her feel better...) and had her rest in bed... Seeing as Phan was leaving soon-ish, I stayed up... and Elizabeth must have heard us talking 'cos she came out at 5:30am... What an early start to the day for her! She got to say goodbye to Phan... and then within about 10 minutes of him leaving she'd crashed out and fell asleep on the loungeroom floor for an extra 40 minutes... She must have just wanted to get up early to see him off... I was really quite anxious all day on Wednesday 'cos I hate it when Elizabeth is sick, but having her sick and Phan not around really had me on edge... Mid-morning, she bit her tongue, starting crying and then threw up all over herself and the rug ... It was around that time that Catherine also decided to lose the plot and start crying 'cos she was tired... so I had to prioritise getting Elizabeth in the bath and all cleaned up and into fresh clothes and then put Catherine to bed... I started worrying that this might be a gastro-type bug, so when Catherine woke from her nap, we ducked out to the chemist to grab some nurofen (in case the fever got bad and I needed to alternate it with panadol) and some electrolyte iceblocks ... Thank goodness all the worrying ended up being for nothing, her fever turned out to be some weird 12 hour bug thing... she was fine that evening and pretty much completely back to normal the next day!

We talked to Phan almost every night on Skype and but there were 2 nights when he couldn't get to a computer, so we had to use the phone... An indication of how hi-tech Elizabeth is - she doesn't know how to use a phone properly since we skype so much... She would just sit there holding the phone and I would have to tell her to talk so Phan could hear her... and then she would do something like put on a headband and expect Phan to see... or she kept looking at the iphone screen to see if she could see Phan... it was hilarious... She was quite disappointed she couldn't see Phan... LOL... Oh and another hi-tech thing... We obviously don't watch much free-to-air TV and she only watches recorded PVR shows because she ended up watching the Hunchback of Notredame on Saturday night on TV (and loved it), but when the ad break came on she was like "Oh Mum, it's finished." and I had to explain it would be back on in a few minutes and when it came back she was all excited and saying "It's back on, it's back on!"... and then the next ad break would come on and she would say the same thing again... it took a few ad breaks for her to get the hang of it... But then when she did finally understand she came up to me and said "Mum, I don't like ad breaks..." ... LOL... she wanted me to get rid of them, but I couldn't!... Seriously, way too spoilt with the PVR here!

I also ventured out to Chermside by myself with both the girls on the weekend... I needed to get out of the house as being housebound was starting to drive me a bit crazy... So I braved the shops and the girls were both so good... We had sushi for lunch and I bought a cute new outfit for Elizabeth to wear to Catherine's baptism in a few weeks time... As we were leaving, Catherine fell asleep in the Ergo, so I thought I'd let Catherine get a bit of sleep and Elizabeth and I browsed the accessories store "equip" together... My goodness, Elizabeth loved it... she loved looking at the bracelets and bangles and earrings and seeing all the different shiny sparkly costume jewellery... It was just so lovely, fun and girly and she just seemed so grown up now... She didn't ask for anything (she never does), but we tried on some girly headbands with flowers on them and I could see she really liked one of the headbands so I asked her if we should buy it for her and she was thrilled... Then she wanted me to have a new headband too, so she picked one out for me... (she has good taste by the way!)... So here's a pic of her wearing the headband she picked out all by herself! (I'll take a photo later of the headband she picked out for me)

The Pink Flowery Headband

As a result of us measuring time by counting down the sleeps, Elizabeth also started measuring other things by "sleeps"... for example... when baking a pretend cupcake in the bath she told me it was going to take 10 sleeps to cook! (That would be one overdone, rock-hard cupcake!)

And possibly one of the cutest things she said to me was on Sunday night as I said there was only one more sleep to go she said to me... "Yay... only one more sleep. I'm going to give Daddy a big hug. And a kiss." Awww... still makes my heart melt when I remember how she said it.

So happy to have Phan back safe and sound ... We have all missed him so much...

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