Saturday, October 16

Interview With An Almost 4 Year Old


Phan bought me Beauty and the Beast (my favourite animated film of all time) on blu ray yesterday and he scored a deal at Target where you got a lockable disney secret diary for free with it. In the diary there are lots of cute little girly things to do... write a profile of yourself, put pictures of yourself in it, write secret messages in code, plus little stories from all the Disney princesses... Elizabeth is in love with the diary... she loves how it has a lock on it and loves putting in on and trying to lock and unlock it (we have to do it for her)!!! One of the activities in the book was to answer a few questions on what your favourite thing were, so I thought I would ask Elizabeth the questions and see what she said... (I did have to leave out a few things like the favourite pop star and favourite pop group queestions and changed the favourite subject at school to favourite activity at kindy...)

Here are her answers:

Favourite Colour - Purple
Favourite Number - 1
Favourite Animal - Crocodile
Favourite Insect - Caterpillar (She knew what an insect was and said caterpillar straight off the bat)
Favourite Activity At Kindy - Drawing
Favourite TV Show - Driver Dan Story Train (what the? I'm pretty sure it's Playschool)
Favourite Disney Movie - Beauty and the Beast
Favourite Disney Character - Cinderella
Favourite Song - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Favourite Book - The Secret Diary (which is the book these questions came from)
Favourite Food - Ga Kho and Rice
Favourite Sport - Swimming
Favourite Game - Playing Dolls and Hide & Seek
Favourite Drink - Juice
Favourite Smell - Ga Kho and Rice
Favourite Flowers - All of them

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