Tuesday, October 5

Looking So Grown Up Already!

Looking So Grown Up Already!

It's been warm here lately... so yesterday I put Catherine in a dress since it was so warm... doesn't she look like a big girl already?... And she fits nicely into that 00 sized dress!!!

Catherine is going through another wonder week... Started yesterday when she stayed up for 4 hours in the afternoon and then became impossible to settle to sleep and kept waking up frequently... Just when you think you're settling into a routine, they up and change everything on you...

Today has been a really strange routine... I think we're transitioning into longer awake periods... Started at 7:30am... she stayed up happily for 2 hours (unheard of for her, she normally loses it by 1.5 hours) and then had a mini catnap of 20 minutes! (normally her naps are 45 minutes, so this was mega short!)... So then I decided to get out to do grocery shopping... I put Catherine in the shopping trolley with a baby seat in it for the first time... she lasted 3/4 of the shopping trip before she wanted me to put her in the sling, so that was pretty good. Elizabeth was a good little helper walking with me and helping me pick out vegies and fruit and "helping" me push the trolley... She normally likes to sit in the trolley, but there was no room for her since Catherine was in the seat, but she didn't make a fuss over it at all... Catherine stayed awake the whole shopping trip... came home, gave her a feed and by that time she'd been awake for another 2 hours and was starting to fall asleep on my shoulder (very cute!), so I put her down for another nap (very easily, no protesting cry like she normally does) and then *bam* awake after 30 minutes! Then out to play in the lounge and she was rolling and talking alot, but only lasted 1 hour before getting tired, so I put her down for another nap... Elizabeth was also tired, so I pulled out some mattresses and we all camped out in Catherine's room... Catherine ended up sleeping for 2.5 hours!!! All the catnapping caught up with her... I did have to resettle her a few times, but it was reasonably easy... I managed a 40 minute nap and Elizabeth also slept for 1.5 hours (and even slept through Catherine fussing while I was resettling her)... So we all had nice recharged batteries in the afternoon. Fed Catherine and then got dinner going and Catherine ended up staying awake again for 2 hours! Manage to get her to have a 20 minute catnap while I was holding her (she was madly protesting against this nap... she was very very very angry!) and then up again... did a bath and a feed. I've started comp feeding her 1 bottle of formula in the evening, as my supply has been dropping a lot in the evenings and I just haven't been able to keep up with her wanting to feed every 2-3 hours at night!!! She does protest against the bottle to start with, but once she gets on it, she's fine and drinks about 100ml. After her feed she played for awhile... and ended up staying awake for 1.5 hours! Top up with some breastmilk and finally to bed at 8pm! We'll see how we go tonight... Hopefully the wonder week passes quickly... *fingers crossed*...

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