Friday, October 15

Big Sister Looking After Little Sister

Beth & Cate

Elizabeth - "Mum, can I hold Catherine and watch TV with her?"
Me - "Okay... wait a second..."

(*I get Elizabeth sitting on the couch, then put Catherine in her lap*)

Elizabeth (talking to Catherine) - "We can watch a movie together Catherine and when the movie is finished you can go back to Mummy, okay...?"

(By the way, they were only only watching playschool, not a movie...)

I am just loving seeing how Elizabeth interacts with Catherine these days... they really do adore each other.


Oh and here's our little Miss Catherine again... she's been delightful this week (after last week's wonder week)... so happy and smiley and we've some major progress in the sleep department... Up until now, everytime she has needed to go to have a nap/sleep, I have had to hold her on my lap (often just lay her on a pillow) and pat or rub her back or bounce my knee up and down or rock her... It was quite an effort and took anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes... But all of a sudden, since Monday... I can now put her down for a nap/sleep in her cot while she is awake but tired and she will go to sleep without me needed to touch or pat her or even be in the room... She just self-settles herself as long as she has the dummy... And she tend to roll onto her side and likes to push her feet off the bars of the cot, so quite often she ends up spinning 180 degrees in the cot... but doesn't bother me as long as she's happy ... it's really amazing! And now, I have this extra time on my hands!!! Who know how long this phase is going to last, but I'm really enjoying it and making the most of it while it lasts! The only reason I ended up trying this out was that for a few days last weekend, I noticed she was getting harder and harder to settle with me holding her and she just seemed so wriggly like she couldn't get comfortable, so I just put her down to give me a break at one point and voila, next thing I knew she was asleep. Overnight sleeps still not great, but hey, I can live with it since we're making progress elsewhere in the sleep department!

Also, I've been sick again... some weird flu thing again... I'm really over getting sick... I need an immune system boost!

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