Saturday, July 4

I am "published"!

Oooh, I'm pretty happy today... A few weeks ago, I had some flickr email come to me from out of the blue from someone at Schmap, asking if I would consider submitting one of my photos to be short-listed for publication for the San Diego tourism guide. No payment as the guide is a not-for-profit thing, but I thought, "why not?" and submitted it for consideration... From what I gather, Schmap is an online map/tourism guide, accessable via normal computers, but appears to be especially handy for those with mobile phones/iphones/itouch who want to access the information on the go. The site gets good reviews from a number of high profile American newspapers and even TIME magazine...

Today I found out my photo was included on the San Diego Schmaps page... :) It's the San Diego Trolley photo that I took on my G10 and not my DSLR and there was no pping to the photo, as I had put the photo up while I was in San Diego. I'm credited with taking the photo under the pseudonym "groovyjellybean" (which most people know me as in the online world and name I've used ever since uni days).

To check it out, here's the link...

San Diego Schmap Link

The photo is in the slideshow in the right sidebar... I'm photo number 49.... Cool yeah?


Anonymous said...

I just checked it out, that's so cool!



Anonymous said...

Go Clara! Making a bit of an online name for yourself!

Thao xo