Tuesday, June 30

[I am the Queen]

Sorry for the much neglected blog here... been distracted by inane Facebook games (Bejeweled, Typing Maniac & Restaurant City, if anyone wants to waste any time themselves :p) and for this past week we've had Bao & Phi come to visit which has been a ball of fun... Beth has loooved having her uncle and auntie come to visit... I have loved having a babysitters to play with Beth so I can just relax or catch up on some things...

Just had to share a couple of pics from yesterday... I had brought out a couple of things I had picked up at bargain basement prices a few weeks ago at Peter Alexander to show Bao and Beth decided that she wanted to try the tshirt I had bought. Odd, because Beth normally detests the thought of dress-ups. So I put the top on her and then she picked up her wand and declared proudly that she was "a Queen"... I went rummaging for a tiara headband that Beth has (but has never worn) to finish of her royal look, but couldn't find it, but I did end up finding this cute beanie number I bought on sale at the end of last winter... so I put that on her head (again, surprising that she left it on... she normally takes things off straight away!) and she traipsed off to find a mirror so she take a look at herself... she approved. So here is our hilariously funny Queen -

Posing As The Queen I am The Queen

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Emmi said...

Awww she a cute beanie queen!

Glad you posted an update on here - I was starting to wonder what had happened to you! :-)
Good to hear the lack of updates is only cos you've been having too much fun being visited by Bao and Phi....only two months until Mike and I come up to visit! Yay! :-D