Wednesday, July 8

New Toys!

Elizabeth and I have been spoilt of late... we currently have Phan's parents' visiting and staying with us for a week and we are loving every minute of having them here... Beth has totally loved harrassing her Ong Ba into playing one of her many favourite games. Today we spent the morning at Chermside, just having fun being out together... They bought Beth this Vtech toy phone that talks and makes a gazillion beeping/electronic noises and lets you record messages on it... she loves it!

And me... well, last night I got a beautiful new toy too...

I've been spoilt... I am one lucky, lucky woman to be married to the most wonderful man in the whole world! Phan came home from work yesterday via Harvey Norman with this in hand, which was a complete and utter surprise! Bought it for a very competitive price (got them to price match Ted's) and got it on 3 months interest free too... but even so, he spent some serious $$$ and for the first part of the night, I was umming and ahhing about whether I should even open it... but in the end curiousity got the better of me and I opened it... and Oh.My.Goodness! There was no going back... I am in love... the bigger clearer viewfinder, the huge LCD screen on the back, the high ISO (crazily amazing!)... and the full frame... *WOWSERS*, my 24-70mm is a completely different lens and it is fantastic!

And for a couple of photos, that really do nothing to showcase how amazing this camera is... but I had to take photos of something today! It's cold and dreary and a bit damp outside, so I'm having to shoot indoors -

Beth with her new toy phone (and her sweet bed hair) (first photo is SOOC) -

Love her bed hair. SOOC

Really, not all that impressive, until I tell you it was shot sans flash at ISO 5000 (@ f/3.5, 1/200 if anybody cares about those details)! Look at how little noise there is!!!

And then this photo, nothing technically fantastic, but the expression just makes me laugh -

Beth has new toys too... The transition from using the 40D to 5D has been seamless... The main controls are pretty exactly the same so it's easy to adapt and there's hardly any extra weight (only 70g more)... There are some fancy new functions that it can do, that I'll have to read the manual about (like taking HD video, but i need a bigger memory card before I can play too much with that)... but it's just amazing! (I think I already said that, but it's worth saying again! :p) Looking forward to getting outdoors and really having a proper shoot... hopefully tomorrow, if the weather is kind to us... Stay tuned... :) (yes, that probably means, I'm going to be stepping away from my Facebook game addictions now... which is not a bad thing)... :)


Mousey said...

oooooohhhh insanely jealous!!!
What a lovely hubby you have :o)

Anonymous said...

What a nice husband you have! Looking forward to noiseless awesome photos!

Thao xo

Phong said...

wow, there really is no noise at all. I can't hear a thing.