Wednesday, July 8

Funny Game

This is a game that Beth is obsessed with playing with her grandparents... it's hilarious to watch, I just had to capture it. I call it the "Slide/Ghost/Hide & Seek game"... I also have a new phone (contract just ran out, so I upgraded, but it's costing us less now on as I've switched phone companies), so the quality of the video is better... however, the file is marginally bigger, so I apologise now for the larger download sizes now...


Anonymous said...

That is just too cute! That is a tiring version of the ghost game, you could hear that mum was out of breath LOL, and at the end she says "again" ha ha I'm sure they loved that! xoxo


Anonymous said...

hahaha your name for the game is very appropriate :)

Thao xo