Tuesday, July 28

A Rundown Of Our Day...

We spent a rare day completely at home today... and this is what happened (in chronological sequence)

Today we....

- woke up at 7:20am

- drew pictures on the magna-doodle

- played the Mr Potato Head game (new purchase... it's a race to put together Mr Potato head... really quite fun!)

- had pancakes for breakfast

- coloured in about 30 pictures (I have just discovered a fabulous site with lots of free colouring in pages - http://coloringpagesforkids.info ... just print out what you like and what you need (in our case, a lot!) and away you go... we've been colouring in with crayons and watercolours and textas... so lots of variety with the one activity.

- listened and danced the chicken dance about 20 times... Beth loved skipping around the table, I was dancing whilst marinaded some chicken drumsticks for dinner... LOL... how appropriate... :)

- baked a vegetable slice using this recipe... really yummy and quite healthy with lots of vegetables in it. (Note - lots of flour went everywhere during this period!)

- make home-made yoghurt iceblocks (blueberry yoghurt)..

- made lemon flavoured jelly

- made toilet roll people and knocked them over like ten pins with a tennis ball

- painted (with watercolours and with squishy paint) and made a big mess

- had fried rice and a pear for lunch.. then crackers and brie (she has "refined" taste)

- didn't have a nap

- blew some bubbles, spilt some bubble mix, then cried

- watched some TV ('cos Mummy needed a break!)

- played with lego

- played with dolls

- played dress-ups

- washed the kitchen floor with a bottle brush and then (dangerously!) decided to skid around in the slightly damp patch of tile whilst proclaiming "Whoa! It's a bit wobbly!"

- had chicken drumsticks with "trees" (broccoli) and rice for dinner. Followed by a banana.

- swept the floor with Daddy... and wielded it like a weapon

- had a bath (and kept putting bubbles all over your eyes and face and spitting water out of the bathtub!)

- argued because she insisted she didn't want to go to bed... but then fell asleep on the couch 5 mins later...*grrr*... lucky she's so cute, but *man*... why are toddlers so damn stubborn sometimes?

So here is the latest sleeping pose - I call it the "But-I-Don't-Want-To-Go-To-Sleep" pose...

The Sleeping Poses of Beth 4

And now, this Mummy needs to go and get some rest... early morning swimming lesson tomorrow... Beth better not sleep in!

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Anonymous said...

Wow just reading that made me tired! That is an insane amount of activity for one day! You gals are fit bunnies!