Friday, July 31



Beth's become quite attached to her 2 new friends today... I tucked Humpty in with her when I transfered her from the car to her bed and when I heard her wake up from her nap, and peeked in to her room to see her holding him and playing with him in bed.

Jemima and Humpty have been everywhere with us this afternoon... They had lunch with Beth (and each got their own chair at the dining table!) And then they came with us to the shops... and we almost lost Humpty... I was majorly panicked for 2 minutes as I quickly scoured the checkouts at Woolworths looking for him and then retraced our steps to the $2 shop to find him sitting on a shelf she had placed him (all the while Beth's asking "Where's Humpty? Humptyyyyyyy! Humptyyyyyy!" and then crying and getting upset...) She gave him the biggest hug and held onto him tight after we found him again... and I breathed a big sigh of relief... that was a crisis diverted!

Then once we got home, they had afternoon tea with her... and then she played this jumping in the hoops game with them... And this evening they sat next to her as she watched playschool, sang songs together, played picnics, hairdressers (she's obsessed with Humpty's hair!) and restaurants... They have even followed us into the toilet and bathroom when we were brushing our teeth! Anyway, this photo is of her playing cubby houses with them and snuggled up all together... Not surprisingly, they're keeping her company in bed tonight...

She's never really been attached to any toy before, so to see her just fall completely in love with them is so funny and cute... She does have more of a preference towards Humpty, but she does like Jemima a lot and Jemima is Humpty's friend. She likes to make me hold Jemima and have conversations with Humpty... And she is always making Humpty kiss Jemima too... I'm bracing myself for this to become the inseparable trio...

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