Friday, July 31

Too Much Fun At The Playschool Concert

Today was the big day we'd been waiting for... the day of the Playschool Concert! I actually didn't tell Beth about it until this morning (because Beth has this issue with being unable to wait!), and I don't think she really understood until we got to the hall and sat down and she saw the set and then she started saying "Playschool Concert!"... and then when all her favourite characters (like Big Ted, Little Ted and Jemima) came out she really got into it... she was a little bit reserved (which is normal for her in large crowds and unfamiliar siutation), but after about 5-10 minutes she was into it and copying the playschool presenters and singing and doing actions... We had a ball! I knew she would love it... We got Angela (an old playschool presenter who isn't on any of the current episodes) and Alex (who is a familiar favourite presenter of hers)... and they were great... lots of fun songs and audience participation. After the concert I asked her what her favourite part was and she said "Humpty!" So I ended up buying her a small Humpty and a Jemima fairy doll from the merchandise stand... Anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely buy stuff from the merchandise stand at any concert... but I made an exception this time, because Playschool is the only TV show that Beth loves and is crazy about (any other TV show she can take it or leave it... but Playschool is always top of the list!)... and really, she adores her new friends.

Obviously, we had way too much fun at the Playschool Concert, because we came home at 11:30am and this is how she was, all snuggled up between her two new friends...

Too Much Fun At The Playschool Concert

She's still asleep right now (1:10pm!) which goes to show how much a Playschool Concert can take out of you! (Although, I suspect the lack of nap yesterday, 8:30pm bedtime and 6:30am wake time might have something to do with it also...)


Anonymous said...

Glad she had a good time the toys are very cute! If only you could take her to a playschool concert everyday and then she would nap everyday :)...


Anonymous said...

We're going in a couple of weeks and is the annual *must* do concert for us. Good choice with the merchandise - I find it is much cheaper getting it from the concerts than the ABC shops.



Amanda Lui (Thao) said...

I can see why she loves her new toys so much. They are so cute! Ah good ol' playschool.