Thursday, July 30

Afternoon Tea At The Park

Afternoon Tea At The Park

So I'm struggling here with finding time to head out to different locations and setup some lovely photoshoots with Beth (our days are just too busy filled with this activity or that)... However, we have of late been visiting the park near our house quite a lot... so I've taken to just dragging the camera along and photographing just our "every day" type activities... nothing exciting, but they do tell a story of what we do together... plus at least bringing my camera along gives me some kind of entertainment, because let's face it... once your child goes down the slide for the 10,000th time, it's really not that exciting anymore... :p So I figure I may as well spend some time practising the art of photography and get some personal enjoyment out of our afternoon outings...


Anonymous said...

Love these set of photos, she is so cheeky, we miss her :(



Amanda Lui (Thao) said...

Nice sunflare!