Tuesday, March 15

Photo A Day - March - Week 1

Okay... now that I've managed to get those wedding photos done, back on to the backlog of photo-a-day photos I have... I'm still on the bandwagon and we're 2 weeks into March! Woo hoo!

March 1 - Abutilon
Phan's mum is amazing in the garden... Which makes for lots of awesome plants to "macro-fy"... :) Here is a chinese lantern flower she has blooming at the moment...

PAD - March 1 - Abutilon

March 2 - Light Flows Through The Veins
Another gorgeous leafy plant Phan mum has growing in the garden... have no idea what it's called, but when the light shines through the leaves, the colours are divine.

PAD - March 2 - Light Flows Through The Veins

March 3 - Smiles With Chu Phong
Chu Phong is usually behind the camera (much like me), so he doesn't get a lot of photos with Elizabeth... I made a conscious effort to take some shots of them together while we were visiting.

PAD - March 3 - Smiles With Chu Phong

March 4 - Afternoon Light
I was trying for something magical with the gorgeous afternoon light, but I couldn't get the right angle. Having Catherine attached to me at the hip and having to the take this macro shot one handed didn't help me either... But hey, it's still a photo.
PAD - March 4 - Afternoon Light

March 5 - Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Bokeh
It's not like I didn't take many photos on this day (LOL... it was the wedding day!)... impossible to narrow it down to one photo... so I thought I'd just share this one which I haven't shared yet...

PAD - March 5 - Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Bokeh

March 6 - Yames the Musician
This little man (James, but he calls himself "Yames") was having a bit of a bash on the piano when he, Thomas, Chi and Mitch came around to hang out...

PAD - March 6 - Yames The Musician

March 7 - Man Flu
Okay, very little effort for this photo on this day. It had been a big day of attending school interviews (in preparation for Elizabeth going to school next year) and all day Phan had been trying to pull himself together into a coherent state for each of the interviews... (He actually did really well! I don't think anyone could tell he was sick). But at the end of the day it pretty much left him basically in a comatose state on the futon sofa... So I snapped this shot of him before I went and packed all our suitcases for all of us, ready to go home on the morrow.

PAD - March 7 - Man Flu

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