Tuesday, March 8

PAD - Feb 25th to Feb 28th


Did you miss me? :)

Well, we just got back today from our wonderful trip back home to Adelaide for Bao and Ty's wedding... we had such an awesome time, although I think it has caught up with me a bit as I am a little tired and worn out from it all. Also, Phan has managed to catch a really bad man-flu... In all honesty, he's normally a pretty resilent kind of guy and doesn't get sick that often and is not the kind to mope around and whinge when he's sick... but when he does get sick, man, he doesn't do it by halves and it really gets him! Whatever bug he managed to catch (I suspect on the flight from NZ back to Oz), really knocked him for six... and had him in sweats and chills and curled up on the couch sleeping... I don't think I'd seen him this sick since he got pneumonia about 5 years ago! With the assistance of a large array of drugs, he managed to survive the flight home (and even mustered the energy to drag our luggage around).

Glad to be back in Brisbane now... I'm hoping to catch up on some much needed rest and sleep in the coming days!

I have so much news and about a gazillion photos to share... so many it's rather overwhelming and I'm not sure where I should start... I have managed to stay on the Project 365 wagon, so I thought I'd do a quick post with the last of the photo-a-day photos from February -

Feb 25 - Hanging With Phi Phi

PAD - Feb 25 - Hanging With Phi Phi

Elizabeth had been really looking forward to hanging out with Chu Phi when we got to Adelaide... They had so much fun together when they were reunited...

Feb 26 - Breakfast With No High Chair

PAD - Feb 26 - Breakfast with No High Chair

We left the high chair permanently at Ong Ba's house since most of our meals were there... but we were actually sleeping at Chu Phong's place, which made breakfast time a tad challenging... Catherine liked wiggling away from me (backwards!) when I was trying to feed her breakfast...

Feb 27 - Tired Little Munchkin

PAD - Feb 27 - Tired Little Munchkin

On this day I couldn't put Catherine down for an afternoon nap... every time I tried she would go "bing!" and suddenly fight the sleep and be awake... I gave her to grandma to look after and next thing you know, she'd managed to get her to sleep on the bed...

Feb 28 - More Fun With Phi Phi

PAD - Feb 28 - More Fun With Phi Phi

I love this shot because it really shows how much these two really adore each other!

Stay tuned... more posts in the coming days about our visit to Adelaide, the awesome wedding, and more photo-a-day shots for March...

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