Monday, March 21

Double Digits and A Wee Bit Gorgeous...

Double Digits and Gorgeous

Little Miss Catherine has hit the big figures... 10 months today!

Currently she -

- Is not a breakfast person... (getting her to eat breakfast takes *ages*!)
- Loves cruskits and jatz biscuits... broccoli and homemade oven baked chips are also popular.
- No longer hates car rides... and will fall asleep in the car if she's tired. Gone are the days of constant crying in the car and refusing to sleep in the car... thank goodness!
- Can crawl from the living room to the kitchen.
- Is a curious monkey... has already tried pulling books and dvds off shelves.
- Likes to play with the screen door.
- Is no longer sleeping in the wrap me up sleeping bag.
- As a result of the former, she often sits or tries to crawl in her sleep.
- Will now sit in the stroller when at a shopping centre (She sat in it for over an hour yesterday! Which may not seem like a big deal for most babies, but Catherine has hated the stroller from the very first day, so this is huge progress for her!)
- Will now sit in the shopping trolley for the entire duration of a grocery trip.
- Loves iphones, ipads and the remote control.
- Thinks whatever her sister has is better than what she has.
- Still loves rustling things.
- Still loves the dummy to go to sleep and is getting better at finding it when she loses it at night.
- Always wants to know where Mummy is... preferably likes to sit on her if possible.
- Thinks beatboxing is hilarious.
- Likes her baths again.
- Is pulling herself onto her knees to look at stuff.
- Loves cameras and will obliging look right at the camera for me most of the time... :)

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