Thursday, May 27

Our Special Delivery

I've been waiting a *loooong* time for the opportunity to do some newborn baby photos... I had 2 takes at doing a shoot with our Miss Catherine today... the first one this morning was rather disasterous... she's wasn't remotely sleepy after I'd given her a feed and putting her in the basket just made her really cranky and turned her a great shade of beetroot red! The second attempt was not so bad... although, she only stayed asleep for about 5 minutes... but she at least was happy to lie in the basket awake for about 10 or so minutes while I attempted a few other shots... I'm going to say now that newborns are pretty darn hard work to photograph!Will be endeavouring to do a few more shoots over the next couple of days as they say the optimal time for newborn photos is 7-10 days... so stay tuned...

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