Tuesday, May 18

Playing Doctors...

Just some of the conversations Beth and I had today whilst pretending to play doctors -

Elizabeth - "Hello Mum! What can I do for you today?"
Me - "I've got a bit of a cough today" *insert coughing here*
Elizabeth - *grabs a fairy wand and waves it in the air* - "Abracadabra, hey presto! Your cough is gone now!"
Me - *laughing*

Elizabeth - "I need to use the stethescope"... *lifts up my top and puts it on my tummy*... "I'm listening to the baby..."
(I love it when she does this... it's such an "awwww" moment)

Me - "Hello Elizabeth. What's wrong with you today?"
Elizabeth - "I'm feeling a bit hot"
Me - *putting themometer under her arm*... let me see... oh yes, you are a bit hot.
Elizabeth - "I need an injection"
Me - "Okay, here we go... this will just hurt just a little bit"... *pretending to inject her*... "You're such a brave girl!"
Elizabeth - "I feel better now! Mum, now I need a massage..."
Me - *thinking "what the?", when did massages become part playing doctors!*

We also role reversed that last conversation a few times (sans massage) and Beth goes "This will hurt for just one second"... followed by "You're such a brave girl Mum"... LOL

She is so cute... of course... this game does lose it's novelty when you've played it a few hundred times (like we have)... but I thought I better make a note of it before I forget about it!

And just so this post isn't naked, here's a photo of the girl licking out the bowl after we'd made a chocolate cake for Daddy's birthday -

Mmmm... chocolate cake...

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