Sunday, May 2

The Movie World Merry-Go-Round

So we went to Movie World twice over 2 weekends (once with Chu Phi... and then dropped in again after our visit to Wet'n'Wild when we got too cold from swimming)... So some genuine happy snaps of our girl enjoying herself... A little background on why she's so happy riding the Bugs Bunny in the first couple of photos... She had actually been on the merry-go-round once previously, but had wanted to ride Bugs Bunny, but all the Bugs Bunnies were taken, so she had to ride Daffy Duck and was sad about that... (She came off the ride saying "There was no Bunny..."... really quite sad and funny at the same time) so Chu Phi took her again and made sure they got a Bugs Bunny and she was sooo much happier and excited...





And some video footage of the merry-go-round in action...

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