Sunday, May 9

A Day For Mummies...

I hope all the mummies out there have had a wonderful day ... Becoming a mother has changed me in so many ways... and I'm expecting that it's going to change me even more when our baby joins us and I'm a mother to two children...

Today, I have just enjoyed being with my beautiful little family... Mother's Day started with a 4am wake up call from Beth who had unusually accidentally wet the bed in her sleep (thank goodness for brolly sheets!)... She's only wet the bed a handful of times, and I find it only happens on days when she's really tired... we obviously had too much fun yesterday when we went out to high tea with our Vicky and Claire. It wasn't a big deal... a quick change of the brolly sheet (she managed to keep her quilt and toys all dry), change of pajama bottoms and tucked back into bed in 10 minutes and she was back to sleep... However it took forever for me to drop off back to sleep... But we got a nice sleep in until 8am... when we heard Beth hop out of bed and go to the toilet by herself... ah, she's growing up.. :)

Phan jumped out of bed when he heard her and I could hear whispering and talking as they got my mother's day present and brought it in for me... I was wonderfully spoilt... a got a new Van Chi nappy bag (which I had picked out a couple of months ago) and inside there were some gorgeous soft pink maternity Peter Alexander pajamas, a voucher to Winkbar where I've been going to get my eyebrows done ever since I discovered "eyebrow threading"... if you've never tried eyebrow threading, I highly recommend it, so much better than waxing! Also hiding in the nappy bag was John Mayer's latest CD Battle Studies (which I'm loving!) and a card that Beth had made with me at Playtime earlier in the week (I was going to take a photo of the card, but Beth really likes the card and has made off with it and I don't know where she's put it!)

As if that wasn't enough, Phan also took us out all for a surprise lunch at the Norman Hotel... I had an awesome pepper steak! And we ordered a steak for Beth, which she had a few bites of but decided she liked the chips and plain bread roll a lot better... LOL... she's normally such a protein fiend and today she goes and carbos it up!

And after that wonderful lunch... we went back home and I had a nice afternoon nap... *sigh*... now seriously, isn't that just the best day ever? I'm so nice and chilled now... and there's no need to cook dinner 'cos we're all still full! Phan and Elizabeth have done a great job of spoiling me and making me feel special today!

And here are 2 photos taken while we were waiting for our lunch:

Mother's Day 2010

Yes, that would be heart stickers on our face... I had them in my bag to entertain Beth as we waited for our lunch to be served, and Beth decided we had to wear them on our faces...

And here's a special mother's day kiss for me from girl...

A Kiss for Mummy

Happy Mother's Day!

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