Saturday, May 15

A Few Random Photos From The Last Week

I was nesting earlier in the week and cleaning the cupboards and Beth was playing by herself when she suddently comes up to me and says "Look Mum! I'm a clown!"... OMG, I laughed so hard... I got her to help me clean the cupboards after that so I could keep an eye on her!

Mum, I'm a Clown

At Mother's Day Lunch last week... perusing the menu intently... with "Snuckaluckagus" looking on.

Perusing the Menu

Being silly with Dad

Daddy's Girl

What happens when Dad gives her vegemite on toast, followed by Nutella on toast...

Nutella & Vegemite

And a photo from this morning... she came into my bed for a snuggle after Phan had left for work and we ended up falling back asleep (which is unusual, she normally never falls asleep in my bed!)... I got up at 8:15am... She didn't wake up until 9am!!!! What a huge sleep-in for her! She looked so comfy all spread out in the bed though... but she's such a bed hog... how much room does a 3.5 year old need?!

How much room does a 3.5 year old need?

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