Monday, May 3

The Homemade Girly Skirt

She Loves This Skirt...

Well, I've been itching to sew Beth a skirt for sometime now... I go through these phases where I have to be creative and need to make something crafty or sew something or digi-scrapbook something... It's just an outlet that I need to satisfy... and I was determined to have a go and make one before the baby arrives... So on Saturday afternoon, I sat down and had a go, using the market skirt pattern... It's a great pattern/tutorial and the instructions/photo are clear and easy to understand (which was very important considering what a beginner I am in the sewing department) and I have to say it was a success! I was so pleased with how it turned out... and Beth absolutely adores it... It took me about 5 hours... Well, that did include stopping to make dinner and eat it and giving Beth a bath and entertaining her every now and then... So it really did take a lot less time than that.. probably 3 hours. For a first attempt I "only" made 3 mistakes that required unpicking stitches... (I always manage to stuff things up when I'm sewing... I have this love/hate relationship with sewing!). Beth was impatiently waiting for me to finish it that night... and I didn't want to rush it, so I told her that it would be finished in the morning and she would get to wear it then... And wouldn't you believe it... Sunday morning at 7:30am, she wakes up and potters out of her room and into my room and the very first thing she asks is "Mum... can I wear my skirt?" How could I say no? And well, I really wanted to see her wear it too... so I put it on her, but I had made the elastic too loose around her waist and it kept falling down... so 15 minutes later, after unpicking the waistband and readjusting the elastic, it was perfect... She wore it to church and twirled in it to the music... She wore it all day and said to me "I like my skirt 'cos Mummy made it for me."... ah, well that just made my day!... Then come bathtime, Phan gave her a bath and she didn't want to put the skirt in the laundry basket and insisted on wearing it to bed! (Thus why in the photo she is wearing a pajama top and the skirt!)

And she's been wearing it *ALL DAY* today as well! I'm hoping she will wear proper pajamas tonight and let me put it in the wash otherwise I think we're going to be having some issues!

I whipped up 2 other skirts for her this morning (I cut out the pattern last night and it only took me 1.5 hours per skirt to sew now that I've figured out what I'm doing)... but she won't wear these other skirts as she still loves the first skirt the most... I think because I put a little lace ruffle at the bottom of it.

So here we have it... the three skirts I've made in the last couple of days... my creative/sewing urge has been satisfied for the moment:

Skirts I've Made

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