Sunday, October 26

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Our week one task @ Evolve was to recreate a childhood memory and present it in storyboard format. Here's my childhood memory and submission -


I come from a refugee background - my parents escaped from Vietnam and came to Australia in the late 70s to create a better life. We didn't have much... but then again we didn't need much... my parents were just happy to feel safe, to life in a free society, to be able to access opportunites that didn't exist in their homeland.

All my toys were hand-me downs, donated to us by the generous people from St Vincent De Paul... and we borrowed books from the library as my parents couldn't afford to buy them. I remember my first favourite book being "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"... It was and still is a childhood classic in my eyes... I loved reading it over and over and I remember being sad at having to return the book to the library so other children could read it...

This was one the first books I wanted to buy my daughter... and we were lucky enough that our best friends bought it for her first Christmas. My daughter turns two next month and already we have read it so many times and I can see us reading it so many more times in the years to come... I just adore reading it to her and it brings back such wonderful memories for me.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Anonymous said...

AW I love the montage of photos you can see how much she is enjoying it, her dresses are getting used for some great photo shoots too!

Love Bao


Ty Phoon said...

Man, that's one of my favourite childhood books too Clara :)

Loving your little montages too, and good to hear you are enjoying your course.

Sonja said...

I love that book as well.

I have childhood memories sitting in our doctors waiting room reading that book. A childhood friend came to visit me this year and she brought that book for my son. She has the same childhood memory as I do since we saw the same doctor.

Beautiful pictures!

(also in Evolve)