Saturday, October 18

Getting Creative...

I'm gearing up and trying to get my photography brain into the zone because I am registered to begin an 6 week online photography workshop with none other than one of my child photography idols Sheye Rosemeyer from the 20th of October! The workshop is part of her "Eye Candy" series and I am doing the "Evolve" workshop.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be doing this course... I signed up in August and it was a part of Phan's birthday present to me... (I'm so glad I signed up when I did, because the workshop got filled up within a couple of weeks... it was in big demand!) I figure, with little B always attached to me, I was never going to get the chance to go to night classes for photography anytime soon, so this workshop is really my chance to get some real hands-on learning and really get me to think about my photography for a little while.

On Thursday, I decided to take photos of something other than Beth... and I got this shot -

Singular Singular

Not breath-takingly stunning or anything, but I do love the simplicity... However, the particularly amazing part of it all was that I took this photo whilst lying on my stomach and Beth decided to climb all over me and jump up and down on my back while I was trying to compose and take the shot... so it's amazing that this photo is even in focus!

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