Friday, October 17

Beauty in Motion

I've only got around to pp-ing a heap of photos I took a couple of weeks ago when Beth was playing in our backyard with her pink dress... I actually got more good shots than I remembered at the time... So I thought I would start to share some of them... For those that contributed to my photography fund for my birthday (many thanks Bao, Ty, Chi, Mitch, Thomas & Bump), please note that I purchased the actions I had been coveting for most of this year and I have used them in the following photos... I love my photography presents... :)

What do you mean it's unlady-like to mow the lawn? Now I'm being a lady... On the left we have Beth "Being a Little Lady"... but 5 minutes before that photo was taken she was giving me the "What Do You Mean Mowing The Lawn Is Unlady-like?" expression in the photo on the right.

Natural SmileOh Darling...
And here we have Beth doing her "Oh Darling" impersonation and her best "Natural Cheeky Smile".

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