Thursday, October 16

Handmade Part 2 of Beth's Birthday Present

I've been making food the last two nights... but not any regular kind of food... special toy food sewn and made from felt -

First Attempt at Felt Food - Farfalle/Bowtie Pasta Farfalle/Bowtie Pasta

First Attempt at Felt Food - Ravioli Ravioli

First Attempt at Felt Food - Egg Sunny-side up Egg

First Attempt at Felt Food - Iceblocks Iceblocks

Cute huh? I discovered this concept of felt food earlier this year at Melissa Goodsell's blog and fell in love with the whole concept... I just loved the idea of having something handmade for Beth to play with. Now I am not the world's greatest sewer... in fact I think you could say I could win an award for "dodgiest sewing workmanship"... but making felt food is quite forgiving if you make mistakes and even if it isn't perfect it doesn't matter, because you can still tell what the food is supposed to represent. Those ravioli are pretty dodgy looking if you look closely and one of my iceblocks is a bit wonky... but it doesn't matter, because it was made with love (so I tell myself) and I don't think Beth will mind that the stitching isn't straight or the edges are wobbly... it's all part of the charm. :) Anyway, maybe my sewing will improve as I do this... I really think this could be a new hobby of mine... making toy food for Beth... it's really quite fun and these few pieces were quick to make... the farfalle/bowtie pasta took me 15 minutes to make... I love getting quick results! Phan has had to put up with me asking him "What do you think this is?" everytime I finish a piece off... I think he thinks I'm a bit crazy!

Beth loves playing in her kitchen, so I hope she likes her new food... I am planning to make a few more pieces of food before her birthday, so I'll post photos as I make them.

I'll end this post with a photo I took today - I'm really happy with the creative perspective I used for this... and I think I've finally figured out how to more effectively incorporate textures into my photos -

Playing with a Flower


Mousey said...

That felt food is sooo cool!!!

Ty Phoon said...

WOW, they look awesome Clara! Your creativity sickens me ;)