Friday, October 24

Losing Shoes...

Beth has the amazing knack for losing shoes... especially brand new ones the first time she ever wears them out at the shops. A month ago she lost a brand new pink sparkly sandal I had only just bought the day before. We had walked through a gazillion shops, so I had no hope of finding it. Today, she lost a pink pumpkin patch croc-style shoe that I had only just bought on Tuesday. However, we had only just been through Spotlight, so I retraced all our steps and found nothing... I ended up asking at the service desk if anyone had handed in a pink shoe and there it was! YAY! Don't know why I'm so happy, but for some reason it really irks me when we lose shoes...

We went to KindyRoo this morning (to make up for not going on Tuesday due to the aircon being put in)... and Beth fell asleep in the car! She had a nice little snoozy 15 minute power nap before I woke her up all refreshed for her class...

Here is a punnet of felt strawberries (or mini-punnet as my sister would say... you'd feel ripped off if you only got 4 strawberries in a punnet!) i finished off last night to add to Beth's food collection -
Felt Food - Strawberries
I'm quite chuffed at how these turned out... there was a lot of handstitching, but it was worth it.

Oh, and Beth and I made the following (not made of felt!) on Monday... well, I wanted her to help... she wasn't interested... if it doesn't involve raw cake batter or water it's not her cup of tea apparently... I made them with puff pastry and shortcrust pastry bases... both really yum... and very moreish!

MIni quiches.. mmm.. yum

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