Wednesday, May 20

SeaWorld Take 2

Our second visit to Sea World was a much better paced visit than our first and with Beth in a great mood we had a really wonderful day. When I told her this morning we were going to Sea World again she asked me "Dolphins again?" She really remembered the dolphins from our first visit. So we got there and the first thing we did was go and watch the dolphin show... Beth was sooooo excited! She kept pointing and saying "Dolphin!" and making "ooooh" sounds. After the dolphin show, we caught the sea lion show, which was hilariously funny... They based the show around popular TV shows so they had "Sea Lion Idol" and "Survivor Sea Lion" and "Sea Lion CSI"... it was very clever and Beth really enjoyed this show too. After that show, we wandered around at our own pace and visited the exhibits that we missed out when we went with Phan last week... so we saw the flamingos (the flamingos at the zoo were better though), checked out the Forbidden Reef which had stingrays that you could actually touch (Beth really enjoyed the stingrays, she wasn't game enough to touch one, but she did like putting her hands in the water) and we checked out the moray eels (really creepy looking!) and then visited two awesome marine/aquarium displays that Beth was totally enthralled with... she loved the sea turtle and one of the tanks had "Dory" fish (the blue fish from "Finding Nemo") and she kept calling out "Dory! Dory!" whenever it swam away... so cute and funny! Then we checked out Shamu from the underwater viewing platform (which was just so beautiful and serene to watch). After seeing all those exhibits, we decided to check out the Sesame Street play area... Beth really wanted to play on a lot of the equipment, but she was just a little bit too young and a little bit too short... she missed the cut off for the jumping castle area by about 1/2 an inch)... she did get to play in another bouncy area designed for kids her height and shorter, but she was really eyeing of the other equipment! Then she started staring at these water spout fountain things, and it was getting really warm, so I let her go and run around in them (or rather stand inanimately as it spouted water around her)... I had a spare change of clothes on her anyway, and it was warm enough that she didn't need a towel. She had great fun doing this for about a while... and I got to chat to this sweet 80 year old lady from Oregon who was at SeaWorld with a group of 16 people from her extended family. After all our fun and games, I decided we should check out the dugong exhibit one last time, but on our way there, we passed the Dolphin stadium again and Beth could hear people there and asked me in her best expectant voice "Dolphins again?"... How could I refuse? So we went and watched the dolphins for a second time!

After that, we were on our way out to catch a cab back to the hotel, when Beth fell asleep in the stroller, so I decided to let her have a short 20 minute nap and I went and watched Shamu again from the underwater viewing and then made Beth wake up (which was a challenge, I was poking her face and ruffling her hair and no response!) and we caught a cab back.

Dinner at the Yardhouse again... I had a lovely chicken pasta and Phan got a (big) cheeseburger and Beth just shared with us.

Tomorrow is going to be a low key day at the Children's Museum... conserving energy for Thurs & Fri which will be big days for us again...

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