Friday, May 22

Another big day at the zoo...

The second visit to the zoo for Elizabeth and me... Phan's first visit... It was a fantastic fun-filled day ... but a much more efficient visit since I kinda knew my way around the zoo and didn't walk around in circles getting too lost... We lost our map within 15 minutes of getting there and after that we just tried to read the big map boards and signs that were around (but still confusing!)

We got to see some animals on this trip that I missed out on seeing the first time... So our highlights today were -

- the hippo (again!)... I love the hippo... he was in the same spot, as if he hadn't moved since Monday.
- the meerkats ... I can't believe Beth and I missed them on our first visit... I thought it was too far too walk. They are ultra cute and so busy and move around a lot! Beth knew what they were the minute we saw them, and we don't know how she knows, because she hasn't seen The Lion King!
- the camel (he was big and made a hilarious loud noise that had Beth in a fit of giggles!)
- the gorillas (they were a really animated group today waiting for food at feeding time and there was one gorilla that was collecting lettuce leaves and hoarding them... so funny!)
- the tigers (they were moving around today)
- the rhinoceros (they are so big and some interesting textured skin)... there were 2 that were interacting with each other which was just fascinating... Beth looved them... She calls them "noceros"
- the galapogas tortoises... they didn't move, but they are so impressive just for their size!
- a 2m (small) komodo dragon... it was sleeping, so it didn't look scary, but man was it big!

I know that it sounds like I've named every animal in the zoo, but really, they were the highlights, there were heaps more animals we saw... like the snow leopard and black leopard, the okapis (which is a weird half zebra animal thing), every type of monkey and wild pig you can imagine, a polar bear (eating carrot!), deers, gazelles, this mini gazelle thing called a "dik dik", tamir, takin (weird buffalo animals), lots of bears, hornbilled birds, toucan like birds, snakes, lizards, frogs... sooo many different animals, I can't remember them all!!!

Early night for us tonight (we hope)... we're off to Legoland tomorrow!

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