Sunday, May 10

Happy Birthday Mother's Day!

Yes... that is the exact phrase I was greeted with this morning from Beth... Obviously, they are almost the same thing to her... there's a present... and a card... why not put both days together? :)

A lovely low key day in store for me today... I asked for no present this year, because I wanted extra spending money for while we were in San Diego... But Phan surprised me with a pink Esprit argyle long-sleeved top that we had fleetingly passed in Myer last weekend while we were shopping and that I had made a passing comment that I had liked it and I needed some more long sleeved tops. I love how he notices the small details... :) Phan's working this weekend... so when get gets back we'll be heading out for some morning tea or afternoon tea... depending on the hour... And meanwhile, Beth and I are about to head off to mass this morning... so I better get going!

"Happy Birthday Mother's Day" Me and to my heavenly mum... and to all you mum's out there too!

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