Friday, September 5

My child the shoplifter...

Beth has this wonderful ability to make things "magically" appear in my shopping trolley when we are shopping... packets of biscuits... the odd mandarin.... Most of the time I find these items in the trolley and veto them on my way out through the checkout...

Today, we were in the ABC shop having a browse and Beth started looking at these "In the Night Garden" books (really weird show, she loves it!)... Anyway, I managed to get them out of her hands and I went and paid for a "Boo!" DVD that I wanted to buy for her. Decided to stop by an ATM to get some money and when I had finished, I turned around to find that an "In the Night Garden" book had magically appeared in her hands and she was sitting there reading it! Don't know how I didn't notice it before! Anyway, so we walked all the way back to the ABC shop and I paid for the book (she wasn't going to let go of it, so I had to buy it!) and then we wandered off to do our grocery shopping.

Halfway through our shopping expedition, I was looking at some batteries (need some for my flash) and the batteries were right next to the padlocks and Beth was having fun taking the packets of padlocks off and giving them to me and playing with them... Managed to put 4 packets back on the shelf and then continued grocery shopping. On my way out through the checkout, I discover 2 packets of padlocks sitting in the trolley! I need eyes in the back of my head to keep an eye on this one!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha that's hilarious the shop assistants would have thought that our honesty was refreshing!

She is a sneaky one.