Monday, May 2

Photo A Day - May 2 - Inspired | Epiphany

Photo A Day - May 2 - Inspired | Epiphany

No points for guessing who's inspired this photo today? Yes I know, I am such a Sheye wanna-be... :p... I really can't help being inspired after the family shoot we had with her! I had one of those epiphany moments today when a light bulb went off in my mind and I started reading the light in a different way to how I have been reading it... and I think it's changing the way I think. I also may have started to get the hang of sunflare a lot more too... finally!

Earlier this week I scouted for some new locations to do some photoshoots and I happened across this lovely little bit of suburban forest (it is seriously about 2 minutes from where we live!). It was rainy and overcast the day I found it, so I've been just been waiting and waiting for the sun to shine it's joyful rays on us and today it brought it's A-game... :) So I bundled up both girls this afternoon (I would have preferred to have taken just Elizabeth so I could scout properly, but Phan was mowing the lawn, so Catherine had to come along too) and we had a 1/2 hour mini-shoot here... In between grumpy and clingy baby I did manage to capture some lovely light and I'm so happy with how they turned out...

Inspired | Epiphany

Sunflare I

Sunflare II


Hollie said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so jealous that all of you who inspire me photographically, live clear across the planet :( I'm sure your photo session was a fun time! And I just saw Sheye's new website, low-and-behold, there was your family -

Such a sweet picture.

Suzanne said...

Your photos are fab! Love, love, love them, Clara! Keep it up!

Sharon said...

You are a genius with sun flare . WOW.