Saturday, May 14

How The World Appears Between 16-35mm

Time for some photos from the new baby, the 16-35mm f/2.8... While it's never going to replace my love for my workhorse 24-70mm, I do really love the different perspective and how it's giving me the ability to see and capture life differently...

The New Baby
First up, a shot of the lens itself... :) (taken with the 100mm macro)

New Baby

Yum Yum Gelati
The first photo I took using the lens while out at lunch... these were tartufo and baci gelati balls we had for dessert... yum!


Run away....
A view of Elizabeth running down boardwalk around New Farm Park... pretty sure this is newly built and must have built after the January floods.

On the Boardwalk

Swinging Fun
Daddy, Catherine and Elizabeth and fun on the swings... Note how Elizabeth swings on her tummy... That is so typically her.... She hates sitting on swings conventionally, but will swing on them on her tummy... weird... Also note... that awesome sunflare... :)

Swinging Fun

Kisses for Mummy
I'm so lucky... :)

Kisses For Mummy

In A Forest Glen
Well, we weren't really, but with that glowing ethereal morning light we can imagine... :)


Watching the Brisbane river... a sister photo to the previous one I posted as a my photo a day on the 6th of May.


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Sharon said...

Your photography is lovely!