Thursday, February 11

She Loves Kindy Preschool!

Today when I came to pick up Beth from kindy preschool, she was playing outside in the sandpit... When she saw me I got a big smile and bright happy "Hello!"... and then she kept on playing in the sand with one of her friends!!! No hug or kiss for me!!! She was content to stay out there in the sandpit while I went inside and collected her bits and pieces and then when I came out and asked her if it was okay to go home she said "Ok... and we come back again tomorrow!"... LOL... yes... she loves it that much! She also had a little wee accident today... I'm guessing she was enjoying herself so much, she forgot to go to the toilet! I'm starting to feel a little obsolete here... but at the same time I am so glad that she enjoys her time away from me at kindy preschool... :)

And here's what she made today at kindy preschool... a Valentine's Day card...

Valentine's Day Card Made At Kindy

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