Thursday, February 4

Outtake 3 - In the Company Friends

Silly Friends

In the Company of Friends

A couple of snaps from our visit to Veronica's house earlier in January... these two are very funny together.

I'm exhausted today from being at kindy with Beth all day ... 9:30am-4pm... the days keep getting longer and longer every time we go... she just has so much fun there and takes a bit of convincing to go home! She has really started getting along and playing really well with a couple of little girls ... One little girl and Beth made up a song about not being scared and they sang it together a gazillion times and laughed everytime ... then they managed to rope 2 little boys into singing with them... so there was little chorus of 4 voices singing this really strange madeup song... very cute and hilarious, the teachers even thought it was funny.... The same little girl even said to me this morning... "I think you have a baby in your tummy..." which was just so sweet and made me laugh... glad she didn't think I was just fat!!! Beth also got a chance to play outside for the very first time since we started (last week, we missed the outdoor time on the Thursday and it rained on the Friday)... Beth loooved playing there on the slide and in the sandpit and climbing wooden ladders and pushing wheelbarrows around... Tomorrow I'll be leaving here there by herself for the first time, so we'll see how that goes... *fingers crossed*...

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