Tuesday, February 16

The Awesome Green Glasses

The Awesome Green Glasses

These awesome glasses were a creation courtesy of playgroup today... she adores them to and keeps asking to wear them...

Sorry I've been a bit quiet on the blog front... I'm battling a cold at the moment which I'm hoping to shake by the time we head home to Adelaide next week... pregnancy + cold is not a lot of fun... not only that, but it is insanely hot and himd here too, which is just making the whole thing a bit less tolerable! The humidity was like 93% here this afternoon... CRAZY!

And just one other photo I wanted to share... this afternoon Beth discovered the joys of the game "Plock" (a facebook game) and has said the following to me -
(1) "This is a fun game, Mum!"
(2) "I'm really good at this game!"
(3) "Look, I got a caterpillar!" (you get different animal/people picture rating depending on how high your score is... her highest score so far is 25000, which scored her a pteradactyl, which she called a "parrot")
(4) "Mum, can you take a photo of me? Take a photo of me playing Plock!"

So how could I refuse that request... She's come a far way from the toddler that hated having her photo taken... so I snapped this photo of her playing her new favourite game -

Addicted to Plock

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