Saturday, February 6

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Elizabeth is currently *obsessed* with this video clip of a hippo and dog singing/dancing to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"... I found it on youtube and she would listen to it all day if I would let her! She's watched it and listened to it so many times she's memorised the actions and moves of the dog and the hippo ... and now she makes Phan and I role play along with her and she says "Daddy, you dance like a dog and I sing like a hippo" or "Mummy, you sing like a hippo and I dance like a dog"... LOL.... The other night Phan managed to captured it on video... The awesome video editing with the video insert of the hippo in the top right hand corner was done by Phan with his highly advanced video-editing skills... :) Notice her facial expressions while she sings.... she frowns just like the hippo does when it sings and then changes her expression to match the hippo!


Maria said...

I would love to see the version where you and Phan role play too!

Ha ha ha, thanks for sharing she is too cute!

{Hugs} to you all.

Auntie Bec said...

Hehe, I was thinking the same thing, I wanna see you guys dance like the dog!

I especially love the bits where the screen goes sideways and upside-down; she's very perceptive!

x x

Emily said...

lol! That is sooo cute! How on earth did you come across such a random youtube clip?? Hilarious though...and yes I put in another vote for a whole Nguyen family rendition of the lion sleeps tonight song with everyone singing and dancing! :-D