Wednesday, February 10

My Facebook Has Been Hacked

Just letting those of my blog readers who are also my Facebook friends, that my Facebook account was hacked this morning and someone was impersonating me and trying to get people to send money to them. The scam is known as the 419 London scam and has been around since 2008... Check out this link if you want to know more -

Basically, the beginning of the chat transcript in that link is the exact conversation that 2 of my friends experienced with "me" this morning! Now might be a timely moment to remind everyone to change their passwords and make it something strong (make it at least 8 characters, make it contain at least one caps letter and one number)... had a strong password on mine and I still got hacked... so this is going to be a lesson for me to change my password frequently!

So my FB account has been suspended and I'm awaiting the Facebook team to reinstate the account for me.

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