Sunday, February 21

Looming Mania

I've been looming...

So I've discovered looming... it's like knitting, but easier and faster... which is great, because I'm terrible at knitting (I can never get the tension right)... It's rapidly becoming a bit of an addiction! In 3 days, I've made 6 beanies... the above photo are 4 of the newborn - 6 month sized beanies I've made... (I've been trying to figure out the best size and wool to use, so this is all experimental)... It's about now that Im starting to wish I'd found out the gender of this baby so I can make gender specific coloured beanies... but no biggie... For now, I'm sticking with neutral colours and if it's a girl I plan on sewing on some pretty wool flower to make them more girly.... and I might just have to make a couple of blue and pink ones and give away the ones I don't need to other people... a newborn beanie only takes me about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to make whilst I'm watching TV.... I have plans on making a baby cocoon (which is basically like a really long beanie) for the baby to keep him/her snug since this baby will be a winter baby...

And I also made these 2 beanies for my girl...

The pink one (she insisted I take the photo with her drinking the boost juice... which when you think about it is rather oxymoronic... icy cold drink whilst wearing beanie)

Flower Beanie

And a blue fuzzy flat top beanie... Beth's not fond of this one at all... I had to really convince her to wear it... I think she'd like it more if it was a girly colour!

Flat top beanie

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