Friday, September 11

Illustrating Our Day...

7am - Wake up... then lounge around and have cuddles in bed...
7:20am - Get out of bed.
7:30am - Have breakfast (2 pancakes with butter & sugar)
7:40am - Draw this -

A Drawing

(I've annotated it in red, so you can make out what the heck she's drawn... She's very specific about what she's drawn too... I asked her later in the day what she'd drawn on this piece of paper and it was still all the same! So she's very definite about what she's drawn!)

8:00am - Start making a lot of noise whilst singing and dancing in the kitchen -

You'll probably need a translation of what she's singing... it's a song from Playschool (surprise, surprise) which goes something like this -

Here I am singing in the kitchen
All alone, singing in the kitchen
Everybody singing in the kitchen
Banging on the pots and pans.

Yes, I'm fully aware she's quite crazy... and that was a hell of a way to start the day... nice and *loud*!

As if that wasn't enough excitement this morning, we went to the park and caught up with some friends... and then Beth fell asleep in the car before noon... her first afternoon nap in 4 days... I didn't mind though, because it was an early nap... so she went to bed a decent hour still.

In the afternoon, Beth became fascinated with a photo that was taken when we went whale watching last weekend while Emmi and Mike were visiting us... And this is what she was doing -

I think it's hilarious how she thinks we're "all friends".

I haven't mentioned much about the whale watching experience... it was an "interesting", once in a life time experience... I've discovered I'm hopeless on the water, even though I took 2 types of motion sickness tablets... Despite it being a very clear, blue day and not all that wavy, I got seasick really bad... and Beth did too... she was very distressed when we hit the open water and the boat started rocking... She said "Whoa.. it's a bit wobbly".. then when she started feeling sick she started saying "up and down... up and down" in this voice that really meant "i feel bad, i really want to get off"... she actually managed to sleep for 2.5 hours on the boat which was half the trip... and Phan spent the rest of the time holding her and trying to distract her whilst I was (a) throwing up stomach acid (yes, it was gross) or (b) curled up sleeping on a bench. Thank goodness for a lovely American lady who gave me a piece of crystalised ginger, which stopped me from throwing up too much and gave me something to think about... In hindsight, it was amazing being so close to the whales and seeing them in their natural habitat... but it's not something I'm ever going to want to do again... I think the highlight of my day (and Beth's day) was getting off the boat!
Thank goodness Em and Mike had a wonderful time ... so the whole exercise was not a waste... I'm so glad they enjoyed it and they managed to take some great photos and some video footage. (Yes, I was so sick I couldn't even think about picking up my camera!) So here's some video footage that my sister took, which I appreciate much more now that I'm back on solid land... :)

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Emily said...

I love the video of her looking at the photo of us! That is sooo cute! "All friends"! lol...and that one of her singing in the kitchen was great too...she looks like she's having so much fun! Although I bet you were glad when she stopped. :-)