Friday, September 25

Feeding Elephants (no this is not a euphemism for some child related thing - we actually fed elephants!)

Today we went to Australia Zoo ... we had a great time... Australia Zoo is pretty good - it has an excellent elephant and tiger exhibit and lots of opportunities to get up close and touch animals (snakes, crocodiles, koalas, kangaroos)...

The highlight of our day would have to be the feeding of the asian elephants... such a unique opportunity and we weren't allowed to take photos if we were in the feeding line (which allowed the line to move quickly)... so we bought the Australia Zoo photograph of Phan and Elizabeth feeding the elephant to remember our experience...

Elephant Feeding

And just a couple more photos because I think they are cute... Everyone being captivated by the shows at the crocoseum (the main stadium at Australia Zoo)

Captivated at the Crocoseum

And up close with a koala

Up Close With A Koala

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