Wednesday, September 23

The Cookie Monster Cupcake

We have Phong and Mel visiting us this week and today we took a trip out to Chermside for a spot of shopping and some lunch... While we were there we came across an awesome cupcake shop with really pretty (and yummy!) cupcakes... so we bought a box of four... a chocolate sundae cupcake, a carrot cupcake, a lemon cupcake and for Beth a special cookie monster cupcake.

Here's the girl being excited with her cupcake (photos courtesy of Mel) -

I love my cupcake

She sat there with her cupcake for about 10 minutes... admiring it... holding it... and not really keen to eat it... We wanted to keep browsing and shopping, but Beth insisted on continuing to hold the cupcake in her hand while sitting in the stroller.

About 5 minutes later, she started to nod off (she'd only had 9 hours sleep last night), so I went to take her cupcake out of her hand before she dropped it, but she lost the plot at me and wanted to keep holding the cupcake.... so I let her hold it and she started to drop off again... and just as she had fell asleep, she let go of the cupcake and it fell in her lap so I went to get it, but again she woke up and refused to let me put it away for her! Repeat this series of events another 2 or 3 times and finally she fell into a deep enough sleep that I managed to retrieve the cookie monster cupcake! It was so hilarious seeing her fight the sleepiness so she could continue to hold the cupcake!

Sleep vs Cookie Monster Cupcake

She slept for about 45 minutes... and then when she woke up the first thing she asked for was the cookie monster cupcake! I was hoping she would forget about it once she went to sleep, but no.... she really loved that cupcake!!!


Anonymous said...

Aw look at that sad face, very cute!!


Leesa said...

That is so adorable! Bless her!