Wednesday, September 30

Elizabeth is the face of the supporters of the Cancer Council of Queensland!

My regular blog readers will remember that I took some photos on Daffodil Day in memory of my mum not very long ago at the end of August... Well, Phan thought those photos were something quite special, so he actually sent an email (without my knowledge!) to the Cancer Council of Queensland asking them if they might find a use for some of my photos in their promotional material. As it turns out... The Cancer Council of Queensland was in the final stages of updating and revamping their website... and by good fortune and timing, they had a perfect spot to put on of the photos... the photo colours matched up to the website (by pure coincidence) and I think everyone involved was quite chuffed by it all! So after a couple of weeks of keeping this under wraps, I'm very pleased to link everyone up to the new look Cancer Council of Queenland website.

And if you want to check out where Elizabeth is - she is the face of the supporters of the Cancer Council... on this page -

I don't think I actually ever posted the full version of this photo on my blog - I posted it on Facebook, but I know some of you readers wouldn't have seen it, so here is the full photo -

Daffodil Day 2009


Amanda Lui (Thao) said...

Go Beth!! So very adorable! And go Clara for taking such beautiful photos! And go Phan for submitting!

Anonymous said...

WOW! How cool! So happy for you because it means so much.

Looking forward to seeing you next week :-)


Maria & boys