Friday, December 5

Very proud of my husband...

Yesterday we found out some more amazing news... Phan has won his *3rd* scholarship towards his PhD next year... I can't even begin to say how amazing that is and how totally stoked he is... Not only did he win his 3rd scholarship, but he also was ranked *NUMBER 1* from all the applications for this particular scholarship, so as a result of being number 1, he also gets a bit extra funding on top of his base scholarship. Totally amazing!

So now his strike rate is sitting at 3 successes from 3 applications... His boss was joking that he will be the most highly paid academic ever... :p We are so very blessed, because there are many PhD students who struggle to get any funding so Phan must have written this proposal very well and the concept for the PhD is interesting and of considerable importance to be considered worthy of being funded.

Well done Phan - Elizabeth and I are so very proud of you.


Mousey said...

Well done to Phan!!!
That's completely awesome.

btw chicky, update your Twitter :oP

Emmi said...

WOW!!! Huge congratulations Phan! That is absolutely fantastic news. 3 for 3! You are a scholarship superstar! :-)